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plant based diet plan

Plant based diet plan for moving towards a healthy life

If it came from a plant, eat it;

If it was made in a plant, don’t.

This is a famous quote by Michael Pollan.

This means plants are a food source for all living beings. From tip to toe plants provide foods for us. Because each and every part of a plant such as fruit, flower, leaves, stem, bark and roots provide some sort of nutrients, while acting as the energy source for us. With the modernization of living style and the environment; people tend to suffer from various kinds of diseases. Always the medication cannot heal them, if we still stick to some bad meal habits. According to dieticians there are different kinds of diet plans for different kind of diseases. Plant based diet plan is also some sort of diet plan, having plenty of benefits to human beings.

What is a plant based diet plan?

This plant based diet meal plan is a purely vegan diet plan. This diet plan is an arrangement of all meals using plant products. They can be vegetables, grains, legumes, pulses, seeds, fruits, nuts, seeds, tubes and roots. In these types of diet, there is no use of animal products such as milk, fish, meat, eggs or poultry even. This is good meal plan for those who have the attitude to minimize the consumption of animal products and prefer to move further eliminating all animal foods from their meals. That is because, at this time being vegan has become a trend as a life style and many of people love to follow it.

whole food plant based diet meal plan
whole food plant based diet meal plan

Let us find out what are the reasons for people to shift to a whole food plant based diet plan. It is always connected with the plant based diet benefits. Plant based diet emphasize completely that it includes no or minimum amount of processed foods. It mainly focuses is plants and its parts to use as food types. Thus, its limits or completely avoid animal food products. You can have a variety of diets with different types and can pay your attention according to the majority of you eat. It these types of diet plans, you can exclude artificial food additives, refined foods such as added sugars, processed oils and white flour etc.

Few more things to consider about a plant based diet…

And you can pay special attention to food quality and its nutritional value. If you are having a high concern about what are the nutrients we required and what it daily recommended value is, you can provide those requirements with whole food plant based diet meal plan. Not only that, these diet plans can use to treat diseases and prevent from diseases and nutrient deficiencies such as diabetes, high cholesterol level and vitamin deficiencies etc. Consuming nature’s gifts known as plant is not consume lot of money, while making this a pocket friendly diet.

plant based diet benefits
plant based diet benefits

Plant based diet meal plan for beginners

Some people understand the value and the effects of plant based meals, but hesitate to start it. Some even do not know where to start. But, just a little motivation is required to start a plant based diet meal plan for beginners.

It is your choice to change your eating habits and it is totally a personal decision. Even though you are a vegan, vegetarian, meat lover, it is our choice to treat your health in a good manner or not. But, you can change your health into a positive manner by practicing eating plant based products from little by little and adding shifting to complete plant based diet. At first, it will be difficult task to overcome, but once you shifted to that level; definitely you will feel the difference. You can gain some knowledge to start consuming plant products through several sources such as from dieticians, internet and health providers too. Usually it takes two weeks to make some action in to a habit.

plant based diet meal plan for beginners
plant based diet meal plan for beginners

So, it is good to start by a 2 week plant based diet plan. Then this will be come lifetime habit for you. Challenge yourself to start a 30 days plant based diet plan. Eating plants never does any wrong to you because eating plants is always a good choice. If you are shopping for you and your family to buy food items, always keep a plant based diet grocery list beside you. That is because, you might become the guidance star for your family to live happily with a good health. And you can go for a plant based diet on budget as this is not an expensive meal plan. And last but not least, following this type of diet plan, you are helping local farmers and organic cultivators to demand their products.

30 day plant based diet plan
30 day plant based diet plan

Let us find out how you can use plants based product to your plate in order to away from diseases and health threats deeply.

Sometimes you can use plant based diet meal plan for weight loss. Nowadays, obesity plays a crucial role becoming an epidemic disease. A large percentage of both adults and children are suffering from obesity. Making changes in both diet and life style you can decrease your weight in a healthy manner. As many studies have proven that using Plant based diet plan, people can lose their weight. It is because; in this type of diet plans have high fibre content, low sugar, carbohydrate and fats content to cut off gaining extra calories and consuming of from processed foods. According to a recent study, it has proven that those consumed plant based meals have lost 2 kg over an average of eighteen weeks, than those who have assigned to consume non-vegetarian diets.

Plan foods are really heart healthy products. To enjoy that benefit you have to have meals with good quality and good quantity. Studies have proven that people having plant based meals have a great survival rate from many heart diseases when compared to those who do not consume plant based products. Also; it is a common fact that junk foods and processed foods such as artificial sugar beverages, animal fat based oils and also unhealthy plant based diets such as high sugar drinks, refined flours and refined grains connect with some heart disease too.

plant based diet meal plan
plant based diet meal plan

Some researchers have found that using plant product has a high impact on reducing several kinds of cancer types. A research has found that using plan products is connected with in a low risk level of developing gastrointestinal cancer and colorectal cancer compared to non-vegetarians. And also pescatarians those who are vegetarians but eat fish have a great protection from colorectal cancers than who consume non vegetable products.


Shifting to a plant based diet meal plan, you can control the diabetes effectively and in a long lasting manner. A recent study has found that a healthy plant based meals have 34% of lowering the risk of having diabetes compared to those who eat unhealthy, non-plant based foods. It is because plant based food products improve the control of blood sugar and have several active mechanisms to control absorption of sugar to the blood circulation.


Before starting a plant based diet plan you must remove the myth, that eating plants is boring, tasteless, difficult to prepare and can not move for variations. But, once you entered to the right track you will feel by yourself that how easy it is. Then you will become a master chef by preparing various kinds of foods using varies colored plant products. Attractive color combinations of plant based food, first stimulate your eyes before feeling the taste by tongue. You can use this as a trick to move your loved once towards plant based quality food in good amounts, because this never does any negatives to their lives.

rosacea diet
Diet, Rosacea Diet,

Rosacea diet – The shocking revealation! – Way to have a healthier skin!

Diseases spread their power at our bodies silently or sometimes with symptoms. Most symptoms can be seen externally through our skin. The skin covers our skeletons, blood vessels and nerves by acting as the outer cover of the body. And it is the largest organ in our body. Rosacea is kind of skin diseases, where it directly acts the face of people. Even though there is no a permanent cure for rosacea disease, you can control its strength up to some extent. Along with the medications, dietary control should be practiced controlling rosacea. Special diet type called as rosacea diet helps to reduce rosacea symptoms.

What is Rosacea disease is?

Rosacea is a common skin disease, affected for people around 30 years or more. It is just looks like a reddishness or sun burn in the skin. This is a chronic disease directly affects the face. From the center of the face it spreads to the peripheral areas such as nose, eyes, forehead, ears, cheeks, and chin and sometimes to chest even. The symptoms of rosacea disease are mostly visible to outside. It is not connected only with redness of skin. Some symptoms associated with this disease is becoming reddish, flushing, dryness of skin, flaking, enlarging blood vessels, having pimples and bumps. There are four subtypes of rosacea disease.

rosacea and diet
rosacea and diet

Ocular rosacea is affected to eyes. Eyes become reddish and get irritations. Sometimes lids of eyes are getting swollen. Eyes get tears always, grittiness, blurred the vision is occurred usually. In Phymatous rosacea the skin gets thickens and a bumpy texture is appearing. In Papulopustular rosacea, acne like breakouts is occurring while the skin is getting swelling and reddish. Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea directly attacks to blood vessels. Blood vessels are getting reddish and flushing which is to visible blood vessels. If rosacea is untreated, a permanent redness is occurred in the center of the face, which becomes hectic to see.

Rosacea is common in people having fair skins. But, this is not limited to fair skins; any type of skins can affect by this disease. Usually, people with white skins can observe this in a short period of time after symptoms observed. The reasons for this disease can not understand yet. It can be happen due to any inactivity of skin barrier mechanism that is why the inflammation is occurred. Some scientists suggest that the causes for this disease may be due to changes in immune system and imbalance occurred in gut bacteria.

Treatments for rosacea disease

rosacea treatment diet
rosacea treatment diet

Rosacea can be controlled up to some extent by medications such as skin creams and antibiotics (such as tetracyclines and doxycycline etc). Slight or laser treatments also help to control the disease. Sometimes; your doctor will advise you to away from sun light. But, the easiest way you can follow to stop the triggering of the disease is; avoiding certain types of foods. That is because your diet practices have a large impact of this skin disease. So, the skin disease rosacea and diet go hand in hand. Because, any kind of food stuff that cause in dilation of blood vessels with speed up this skin disease with flare ups. If any flare ups are getting in a patient, the effects of the disease become permanent. So, is important to cut off any kind of food stuff that prompt this disease. There are several rosacea treatment diet plans   which help to avoid the progression of this disease to some extent. Let’s find about some rosacea diets deeply with a better understand.

Suitable diet plans for rosacea disease

In a research, 78% of rosacea patients have done some changes to their daily diet routine. Out of them, 95% have explained that they have experienced decreasing of their current symptoms. So, the rosacea cured by diet is authoritative. As I mentioned before, some scientists suspect that bad gut health increase the symptoms of the disease. In a large research conducted in Denmark has found that, rosacea patients simultaneously have gastro intestinal disorders such as sibo disease (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), irritable bowl syndrome, ulcers and celiac disease. Details and knowledge associated with rosacea diet mayo clinic provide information regarding changes in your food habits.

rosacea cured by diet
rosacea cured by diet

Foods with anti-inflammatory action

For the sake of your total health, the balance of immune system is very important. Some foods help to diminish inflammation and it balance the immune system. This indirectly helps to control rosacea too. There are plenty of anti-inflammatory food stuff which you can add to your day to day meals. They are some fruits such as berry, grapes, mango, melons and some nuts etc. And there are some vegetables with this activity such as okra, asparagus, cauliflower, green beans, leafy greens, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and zucchini etc. And there are plenty of spices and condiments not only to enhance your meals, but also to act as a medicine to treat rosacea. They are cardamom, coriander, fennel and turmeric. Foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acid help to decrease or control the inflammation. Those foods can be fish, flax seeds and ghee. You can add those foods to your unique rosacea diet plan, according to your preference.

Foods to control gut health

Some food stuffs can trigger growth of good bacteria in gastro intestinal tract, which ultimately control the rosacea. These foods are most probably prebiotics, probiotics and fiber rich foods. Prebiotic foods help to have a healthy gut and make a suitable tract for good bacteria. A few examples for prebiotic foods are onions, banana, raw leeks, raw asparagus, raw garlic, kale, lentils and whole grains. Probiotics helps to increase and enhance more good microbes to our body. Those foods are such as soy milk, soy cream cheese, low fat yoghurt, vegetable pickles, fruit pickles, beet juice, pineapple juice, grape juice, cabbages and kefir etc.

There are sibo diets with low-FODMAPS (Fermentable, Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols) helps to treat excess gut bacteria. That is because in sibo disease, bacteria begin to colonize in high amounts in a place where they do not belong to. So, the rosacea disease is going together with sibo disease. So, there is a special diet plan called sibo rosacea die. It is most probably composed with leafy vegetables, some other non-starchy vegetables, some fruits (banana, berry, guava, melon and grapes etc.), nuts and seeds, unprocessed meat, eggs, wild fish and organic fats etc.

papulopustular rosacea diet
papulopustular rosacea diet

Foods to trigger skin flare-ups

Usually meals with sugars and processed and refined foods trigger the skin inflammation, which causes skin flare-ups. And you have to avoid some food stuffs with the same activity. They are sugary foods, sugary beverages, carbonated drinks, and artificial sweeteners, white or refined flour, fried foods, processed vegetable oils, processed meat, artificial food additives and preservatives etc. And you have to avoid taking alcohol, which helps to decrease the symptoms of getting reddish and flushing. Alcohol types such as wine, champagne, vodka, gin beer and other hard alcohol should be avoided. Sometimes tea, coffee and hot cocoa trigger the flare-ups, this can be due to increment of internal body temperature. And you have to avoid spicy foods too.

Some foods contain a chemical compound called as capsaicin, which gives the hot and spicy taste. This chemical compound directly affects to skin pain receptors, which trigger the skin burning sensation. All you have to do is, cut off hot and spicy foods such as chili pepper, jalapenos, hot sauce, paprika, black pepper, or white pepper etc., mustard, cinnamon, cloves and ginger etc. Basically, cinnamaldehyde is the chemical compound found in cinnamon gives the characteristic sensory attribute of pungency. It is found in some other foods such as tomato, fruits in citrus family and chocolates. So, you have to avoid these foods too. Those foods work on skin to avoid becoming reddish and swelling, these foods can be used as ocular rosacea diets and papulopustular rosacea diets.

ocular rosacea diet
ocular rosacea diet

Alkaline diet plans

Usually our gut is acidic as it secretes acids to digest foods. But, our blood pH is around 7.3 So eating foods with higher pH, helps to neutralize the internal body pH and shifts to an alkaline state. So, there are some alkaline diet for rosacea, such as low sugary fruits, juices, vegetables, salads and mainly water. Consuming those food stuffs helps your body function to work at its best level and make your body much healthier without rosacea symptoms.

Foods that contain histamine should be avoided, because it is flushing your skin naturally. So, you have to avoid foods containing this compound such as avocado, anchovies, butter milk, chocolate, dried fruits, fermented foods, mackerels, spinach, tuna and sour cream etc. And also, you have to consider when taking medications such as niacin, drugs for blood pressure, steroids and arthritis medications trigger the imbalance of gut and immune system too.


Except having medication, all you have to do is to follow a good quality diet, without rosacea triggering foods. You have to cut off inflammatory and heat generating foods and foods that helps to trigger microbe overgrowth in gut. The rosacea diet is different from patient to patient, so you can prepare your own by avoiding bad food stuffs. This disease is directly relates to your confidence, it is because it appears on your face. So, it is your choice to control the disease, without making it worst.

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Hypoglycemia Diet
prediabetes diet

Prediabetes diet is better than struggling with diabetes!

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease occurred due to high blood glucose levels. It is spreading among human beings all over the world in an epidemic level. People have to suffer from this disease due to several reasons such as genetic factors, excess body weight, and bad life style practices and bad food habits.  Medications can cure diabetes up to some degrees. Prediabetes is a state in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal level. It is an intermediate stage between normal condition and diabetes condition. Providing a higher attention to prediabetes stage, you can avoid becoming a diabetes patient. What you have to do in terms of controlling the disease is, moving to a healthy life style. This includes good, quality eating practices and exercising. Moving on to quality eating habits, prediabetes diet plays a crucial role in terms of creating a healthy people.

What is disease known as Diabetes mellitus? And how prediabetes is interconnected with diabetes disease?

Glucose is the major source of energy for the cells in human bodies. Those glucose molecules are broken down within cells to produce energy rich molecules known as Adinosene triphosphate (commonly called as ATP). ATP supply power to numerous cellular processes. The process of maintaining blood glucose level at a steady or balanced state is called as glucose homeostasis. Blood glucose level of normal human being is around 82 to 120 mg/dL. There are internal mechanisms to regulate one’s blood glucose level. Internal mechanism of the body to regulate blood glucose level in a normal range is associated with a negative feedback mechanism between pancreatic islets, liver, fat tissues and skeletal muscles. Pancreas produces insulin, as it is an endocrine gland. Insulin helps to glucose uptake mechanism and converted to glycogen decreasing glycogen breakdown. Since; there is important feedback system to maintain a normal blood glucose level.

diet for prediabetes
diet for prediabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease linked with elevated blood glucose levels. The reasons for this disease are due to relative insulin deficiency, insulin resistance or it can be due to both reasons. When pancreas cells are not able to produce sufficient amount of insulin, or the body does not respond to the insulin; the glucose collected in the blood instead of absorbing by the cells in the body. This process governs its way to prediabetes and then develops in to diabetes. Prediabetes is a state in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal blood glucose levels. But, in this stage, the blood glucose level is not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. But the body cells are starting to express the resistance to insulin hormone.

The dark side of prediabetes…

Over the time, prediabetes can be shifted to Diabetes mellitus which cause severe damages to your body such as blood vessel damages, heart diseases, kidney diseases, loss of mobility and blindness.

The Global prevalence of diabetes has increased to a pandemic level and it is the most common and serious metabolic disorder. It is considered as one of the most top causes for death in the modern world. Treatment for diabetes mellitus includes either the administration of insulin or blood glucose lowering agents. Both dietary control and physical exercise should be attached with the treatments. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, self care practices and education on diabetes important aspect of the diabetes disease management process.

Before getting the critical disease Diabetes, you can control yourself without being a victim of it. If you have a keen attention about your body and physical state, you can easily identify that. You can recognize that you are at the entrance point to the disease level and putting a foot backward where you can shift to a normal condition. It is because the margin between normal state and diabetes state is identified as prediabetes. Let’s find out this with a better understanding.

What is Prediabetes?

If a person is having high blood glucose levels than a normal healthy person, but not in the range of diabetes patient is called as “Prediabetes”. If one’s blood glucose level is between 100 and 125 mg/dL, it is said that he is having prediabetes. And, there is still ample of time to control high blood glucose levels and prevent from being a diabetic person. Each year there are about 5% to 10% of people having diagnosed as developing diabetes. Changes in dietary styles and life styles can reduce developing this risk by 40% to 75%. Usually, 5% to 10% of people having prediabetes can move to normal stage each year.

prediabetes diet plan
prediabetes diet plan

So, this prediabetes state is some sort of opportunity to initiate you and change yourself without progression to diabetes. There are some key steps that you must be taken for the sake of your health and betterment such as healthy and quality diet and frequent exercises.

Golden rules to practice for your betterment

There are some basic golden rules that you must practice in order to get away from high blood glucose levels.

You must skip sugary foods and drinks. They can be soft drinks, juices with added sugar, tea or coffee, soda, toffies, snacks or even any other attractive sweets. Sugar provides you only a high amount of calories. It does not provide you any other nutrients for your betterment. So, skipping sugars is the best method of lowering your blood glucose levels and obesity.  Other thing is, you must cut off taking carbohydrates. Adding starchy food such as bread, pasta, noodles, white rice, buns and snacks have lot of carbohydrates; thus, they have high amount of calories. As overweight is a risk factor for diabetes type 2, you must away from getting obesity by having high carbohydrates. Even though you have to consume healthy foods, you must consider not eating excess amount of foods too. That is because; it also acts as a reason to gain weight.

It is good if you can fill up your tummy with high fiber food stuffs. Those high fiber foods can be fruits, vegetables, pulses and grains. This leads to make your stomach to a satiety level for a long lasting time, where you do not feel hungry for a long time. It is recommended to add half of your plate with high fiber diets as vegetables. As you are getting healthy foods, you must skip bad fats too. But, your diet should be composed with good and quality fats. You can provide good fats by coconut and olive oils, nuts and seeds and apparently you must avoid getting bad fats.

More tips for a healthy diet…

It is good if you can shift to low fat yoghurt, fat free or low fat milk or skim milk etc. And also, you must shift to lean red meats. Adding fish to your diet is also good to prevent from getting diabetes and other heart diseases.

And you have to avoid getting alcohol too. You have to drink a lot of water per a day. Because some people mistakenly understand thirst as hunger and eat a lot of foods, which leads its way to getting overweight. It is good staying always hydrated, which leads to lowering your blood glucose levels.

best diet for prediabetes
best diet for prediabetes

You have to do exercises at daily basis. And you have to walk at least 30 minutes per a day to improve your physical state. Diet and exercise go hand in hand. You can follow aerobics too. Anyway, all you want is to cut your excess weight and burn calories. If you are unable to do exercises, please move away from elevators and shift to using stairs and having a small walk around your garden even.

Now you have an idea what kind of steps to take forward to prevent from moving prediabetes stage to diabetes stage. Obeying all the instruction is a must for maintain a good health. But, if you can have a deep view for above mentioned golden rules, you can find that; many rules are associated with your diet pattern. So, your diet plays a crucial role in the way to make yourself in to a healthy human being.

Let us find out how your diet relates to prediabetes?

When you eat more calories than your recommended daily value, excesses are stored in your body as fats. This leads to weight gain. Mainly body fat starts to collect around belly and this directly links to Insulin resistance. There the insulin cannot easily move to your blood stream to decrease the blood glucose levels. This is the main reason for why most of prediabetic patients are in over weight stage.

Eating high amount of carbohydrates and its other types such as sugars; is directly relates to prediabetes. And, fat has the same story. So, diet for prediabetes should be away from excess carbohydrates and fats.

You can limit carbohydrate intake by practicing to calculate Glycemic index (GI), before you decide to take a high carbohydrate diet. This will help you in reversing prediabetes. Glycemic index is a tool with relative ranking of carbohydrates in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels. Food items with low GI value such as brown rice, whole wheat flour; have less effect on rising blood glucose levels. Most, probably foods with high GI value are refined, processed or instant foods have the ability to increase the blood glucose levels. So, when you are using prediabetes diet plan, you have to avoid high GI value foods. And you can shift to high fibre, low carbohydrate diets such as oats meal, brown rice, whole wheat, green and leafy vegetables, fruits, beans and pulses etc.

The importance of the ketogenic diet for avoiding prediabetes

There is another low carbohydrate diet called as Ketogenic diet. It focuses directly on the extreme ends of carbohydrate intake. In this method, you are limiting carbohydrate intake, thus your body does not gain enough glucose to regulate normal activities. Then the body moves to a metabolic state, known as ketosis, where body producing ketones to fuel the activities.

When your body is in ketosis, you can ensure that there is no excess glucose in your body. In this diet, you provide 20 g to 50 g of carbohydrates daily. It is around 5% to 10% of daily calorie intake, where the remaining requirement is fulfilled by body fat and proteins.

Portion control is a must!

It is essential to follow portion control of your diet; this simply makes low GI value in your blood stream. Controlling portion size means you have to limit the food stuff you like to eat. Some labels and packing materials of foods contain the nutritional value and daily recommendation level for consumption. If you exceed the recommendation value, the excess calories you consume will deposit as fat on your body. The most suitable method for managing your portion size is, eating mindfully in a slow speed and eats only when you are at actual hungry.

The importance of DPP diet for prediabetes

diet for prediabetes and high cholesterol
diet for prediabetes and high cholesterol

There is a special diabetes diet called as DPP diet, because it is associated with Diabetes Prevention Programme (DPP).  DPP diet mainly focuses on nutritional value of food, physical activity of patients, managing their stress and ways of fitting patient’s choices to family etc. According to this diet plan they have illustrated best diet for prediabetes, which aligned choosing fruits instead of high calorie desserts, steaming, grilling or baking without frying foods, using olive oil instead of butter, consuming plant proteins or fish instead of red meats and also slowly eating with enjoying your meal in pleasant surroundings. Results have revealed that, this is a good diet for prediabetes and high cholesterol too.

Crucial facts about prediabetes diet plan recipes…

Usually, prediabetes diet plan recipes have assigned to have about 1200 to 1400 calories per day. Those are composed with low carbohydrate and balance diets. It is better to go for a doctor or nutritionist before starting a plan. And you have to drink plenty of water and you can adjust the plan according to your needs. If you want some extra calories, you can have them with adding healthy snacks.

As an example; you can add 6 ounces of low fat plain yoghurt, whole wheat pancakes with one cup of strawberries for your breakfast. For your lunch, you can have tomato chicken and low fat cheese sandwich made by whole grain bread with boiled egg and a cup of mixed fruit salad. For the dinner, you can eat half cup of brown rice with one cup of beans or any other greenish vegetable and 2 cups of lights dressing salad. For desserts you can have an apple, a cheese slice and 2 whole wheat crackers. And you have to drink plenty of water all over the day.

prediabetes diet plan recipes
prediabetes diet plan recipes

What are the best foods to eat if you are prediabetic?

Let us have a look at what are the best foods to eat if you are prediabetic? All you are allowed to eat healthy carbohydrate foods and fibre rich foods. You can get both by consuming fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, low fat dairy products and whole grains. It is good to eat heart healthy fish twice a week such as tuna, salmon, sardines etc. As a plus pint they contain omega-3 fatty acids, which prevent you from heart related diseases. Your diet should be composed with good fats. You can gain them from such as nuts, avocado, olive oil, peanut oils and canola oil etc.

How to reverse prediabetes naturally?

We assume that you would really delight to hear that, Prediabetes can be reversible. Sometimes, you do not require meditations at all. When taking about how to reverse prediabetes naturally, all you need is right weight, right diet and right life style. If you gained extra kilos than to exceed your Body Mass Index (BMI), it is a risk factor for prediabetes. BMI can be calculated by weight (in kilograms) divided by square root of height (in meters). To become a healthy person, your BMI should be laid in between 18 to 25.

As we discussed earlier, right diet can be gain by several prediabetes diet plans. However, you should gather your diet by limiting refined carbohydrates, bad fat and sweets. This will automatically, slow down the process of progression of diabetes. Right life style connected to reverse prediabetes means doing sufficient exercises to cut off extra pounds in your body and shifting to healthier practices.


You can control yourself by considering prediabetes stage a s gift given by god to avoid you becoming a diabetes patient. All you have to follow is, change your current status to a much healthier way. Your wrong diet and life style determine your weight and health condition, which ultimately opens the doors to diabetes. So, you can close entrance door to diabetes permanently by shifting to a good and quality practices. Changing your diet pattern is essential to become a healthier person. Practicing prediabetes diet along with exercise will become you much healthier person. So, please do not wait till your doctor rings the alarm of prediabetes, because prevention is always better than cure.

diet for sibo
Diet, Sibo Diet,

Sibo diet – An effective way to cure sibo disease

People have to suffer numerous kinds of diseases. Those diseases can arise due to various reasons from their own genetics to their bad living practices. Anyway, the aim of everyone is to face life in a normal way, though there are hundreds of hurdles. When taking about diseases, some are entangled with main systems of our body. Digestive system, which is the path of producing energy for our life has to face several diseases. It also has to face several kinds of diseases. Around 60 to 70 million of people only in America are suffering from some sort of digestive diseases. Sibo is a kind of digestive disease, engaged in small intestine. It is a controllable and curable disease through medication, changes in diet and life style. Sibo diet is also a kind of treatment for sibo disease. Let’s discuss this deeply.

What is sibo?

Though the name implies some unpleasant to you, the meaning of sibo is Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. It is arising when bacteria are colonizing in a place which they do not belong to. Generally, a human being is a host of around trillions of microorganisms in terms of bacteria, viruses and moulds. In a normal condition, we can enjoy the benefits of these types of colonization by helpful microbes, as they are living symbiotically with our digestive tract. Symbiotic relationship means we are providing them a habitat and food; they are providing us natural immunity (probiotics in colon) and making easy digestion. This symbiotic relationship is essential for us in order to have a good health condition.

what is a sibo diet
what is a sibo diet

But; in the case of sibo, this becomes a problem when bacteria begin to colonize in high amounts in a place where they do not belong to. Even the helpful bacteria in the colon and other parts of gut; come to colonize in high number at small intestine. The official definition of sibo is “the presence of an abnormally high number of bacteria (more than 100,000 bacteria per one milliliter) in the upper part of the small intestine”.

Small intestine is the longest part of the digestive tract of human; as it is long as 6 meters. The main functions of small intestine are lined with villi and microvilli to increase the surface area to absorb nutrients and minerals and completion of food digestion. But, the bacteria exist in large quantities than normal condition. Moreover; they make disturbances to absorption of nutrients. With the low absorption of nutrients, nutrients deficiencies, gastrointestinal distresses, inflammation and damages to inner lining of the intestine are occurred. Vitamin B12 deficiency is the main deficiency associated with sibo disease. Other than this, fat soluble vitamins (Vitamin K, A, D and E) can be occurred. A few mineral deficiencies such as magnesium, calcium and iron can be common in this disease.

Symptoms and reasons for sibo disease

Typical symptoms of sibo are including stomach pain after the having meal, cramps, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation, indigestion, always feeling fullness, fatigue and gas.  When the problem increasing, there can be severe symptoms such as the dramatic loss of weight, fatty fecal matters (steatorrhoea), malnutrition, deficiency in vitamin B12, liver lesions, skin rashes or acne, leaky gut syndrome, anemia, swelling of lower margins and sometimes joint pain, depression and nerve pains can be raised. Most of the severe symptoms are involved in malabsorption.

Reasons of sibo can be weakening and disruption of protective mechanisms associated with small intestine. They can be disruption of gateways between small intestine and other gut parts, stress, pH changes, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance and anatomical abnormalities. Some researchers have found that combination of decreased pancreatic enzymes; bile acid concentration and motility of gut are also reasons for sibo disease. And also taking high carbohydrates diets such as starches, complex sugars and fermentable sugars are also act as causes for sibo disease. People having some diseases such as diabetes, scleroderma, HIV aids and Parkinson’s disease can increase the risk factors of this disease condition. Food intolerances such as gluten, casein, lactose and fructose may indicate a case for sibo disease.

Treatments for sibo

sibo treatment diet
sibo treatment diet

Sibo disease can be controllable and treated with antibiotics and diets. Antibiotics such as rifaximin, metronidazole and ciprofloxacin kill the microbes associated with small intestine. And also, different kind of diet practices called sibo specific diet will helpful for the treatment. Let us find out about what is a sibo diet is?

What is a sibo diet?

Sibo diet is a special kind of diet practice to treat sibo disease. sibo treatment diet should be based on your doctor’s prescriptions. The aim of this is to manage symptoms of sibo disease, stopping the damage, nourishing the intestine and encouraging its ability to heal. It focuses mainly on specific carbohydrate diets (SCD) and GAPS diet (Gut And Psychology Syndrome), which encourages curing of gut through nutrients dense foods- easy to digest.

Elemental diet sibo includes foods with predigested elements. It means foods which contains fatty acids than fats, amino acids than proteins and glucose than carbohydrates. This elemental diet contains nutrients with non-fermentable carbohydrates, which are called as low-FODMAP (Fermentable, Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharide And Polyols). The aim of low-FODMAP diet is to keep intestinal bacteria for starving without providing FODMAPS, in order to stop their reproduction. So, people are using low-carb diet for sibo disease as it may help initially by starving problematic bacteria in their small intestine. Other than restricting FODMAPS foods, this diet includes avoiding snacks, complete chewing of food stuff and keeping specific time intervals between meals.

sibo diet recipes
sibo diet recipes

Those avoiding FODMAP include alliums (garlic, onions etc.), Some brassicas, asparagus, legumes (beans), root vegetables (yams, beets etc.), starchy vegetables, mushrooms, some fruits, jellies, jams, juices, grains, flavored or sweetened dairy products, proceed meat, soya bean oil, chia seeds and anti-caking agents etc.

Sibo diet food list includes foods with low-FODMAPS. They are leafy vegetables, some other non-starchy vegetables (carrots, bell pepper, egg plants, cucumber, spinach, kale, tomato and green beans etc.), squash in limited amounts, some fruits (banana, berry, guava, pineapple, melon and grapes etc.), nuts and seeds in specific quantities, unprocessed meat, eggs, wild fish, organic fats (butter, ghee, coconut oil, organic animal fats, olive oil), bone broth, plain milk or yoghurt, hard or soft cheeses, unsweetened breakfast cereals and honey etc. You can have some sibo diet recipes by following above foods to your daily meal.

Diet for sibo using low-FODMAP foods will be a challenge for your normal diet practices but, following it you will feel a relief within a small period of time. So, please start this diet practice as a trail for about a week and feel the difference of your pains associated with digestive system. First you have to find out a proper list of foods suitable when having sibo, and then cut off all the other food stuff you eat or drink a lot of. If you can not do this at once, please start cutting off concentrated sugars and sweets even. Then you will definitely feel a relief. Then add some recommended food mix at a time.

When you are feeling that you are curing, add back a small amount of food that you used to consume. But, you must wait for three days before adding the second food to the treated gut. If your symptoms are coming back, you have to avoid that kind of food for a long time.

Adding some probiotics, medium chain triglycerides like found in coconut oil are often recommended for people having sibo disease and malabsorption. Correct adequate nutrition, correcting deficiencies corporate with nutrients and maximizing adequate digestion to avoid overfeeding of microorganisms are main aspects to be considered in order to have a healthy digestive system.

sibo diet rice
sibo diet rice

The only grain acceptable when having sibo is the plain, white rice. Other rice varieties and grains have a high amount of fiber and macromolecules which sibo bacteria can consume. When following a sibo diet rice plan you can use Jasmine rice variety in controlled amounts. That is because, Jasmin rice variety contains zero fermentation potential value.

Examples for sibo diet meal plan

Let us have a look in to a sample menu for a complete sibo diet plan for main three meals; when you are suffering from sibo disease.

Breakfast time will be a tough time if you are having sibo, because choosing the right breakfast will be a difficult task. Let’s find out some easy breakfasts for you not only to fulfill your hungry; but also, to treat your disease.

sibo specific diet
sibo specific diet

24-hour yoghurt with little bit of honey is a blessing food for sibo, as it has cooked for 24 hours. Eggs also can use as a sibo diet breakfast. If you are not tolerating the full egg, please separate egg yolk from egg white. Then try them separately, then you can understand what the non-tolerable part is; then eliminate consuming that part as a breakfast. If you tolerate eggs, it will be a great food friend for you. Then you can have scrambles or omelets adding some leafy vegetables and home-made sausages too.

Please make sure to review the avoided food list before adding some spices and food additives. Banana plus nut butter pancake, smoothies, bone broth, vegetable soup and butter coffee or butter tea will be some alternatives for you breakfast. Oatmeal is also a complete breakfast. When you are following sibo diet oatmeal, you can add some milk alternatives such as soy or almond, to have a preferable taste.

For lunch, you can have ham sandwich with wheat bread with mayonnaise and pickles or baby carrot and cucumber salad with handful of potato chips.  For dinner, you can have poultry, lean meat or fish, half of cup of rice or pasta and some green beans. You can have plain rice cake with unsweetened nut butter with an unsweetened tea or coffee. But, always be careful to not to use avoided food types, when you are preparing your own meal.


Scientifically it has been proved that, it takes about two to five years on average for sibo to be completely cured. This depends according the level of the disease. It is very important to know that, the time consuming is due to exploring to different kinds of treatment options and to find out what is the best method works for you. Unfortunately, there is no single diet is guaranteed to cure sibo completely. That is why you have to follow several sibo diet plans and shifting one by one. Together with antibiotics, these diet plans work in a completely fine manner. Because antibiotics can help to speed your recovery and to eliminate uncomfortable symptoms, while you providing nutritional medicine through your diet. A diet with low carbohydrates and free from refined flours, sugars, alcohol is best combination to keep your gut healthy.

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