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potato diet
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The Scrumptious potato diet!-All you need to know!


Before discussing about the potato diet, we hope that you guys love them a lot!  Having them with your meals or mixing them up with soups, curries, fries are a few of the most popular ways to have them! So having them in meals either boiled or grilled is yum. There are many varieties of potatoes that could both help to lose and gain weight. So it works out both ways and too much of it is also not good.

But, you have to balance it in such a way that it benefits you, if you decide that you want to go on a potato diet. Remember though excessive eating for more than a month or two is not feasible.    

The role which is played by potato diet on losing excess weight!

Potatoes are easily grown and available every where. It is very good to help us lose weight, by consuming 2 to 5 pounds for a day for about 3 to 5 days can make you lose a kilo of fat. Once you have had a meal of it, you will feel quite full. Keep in your mind that you must not take any other meals. However, you could have a cup of black tea or a glass of water. 

If you still feel hungry then you may having a few boiled vegetables would help. Potatoes are full of fiber and potassium  as well as vitamin C . 

potato diet
potato diet


Please do not have this diet at a stretch of 2-6 months as too much eating of potatoes can decrease your pressure.  

Having potatoes once in awhile will not increase your weight but having it 24/7 is definitely going to add a few more pounds. 

Some people may not like having it because of its high carbohydrates. But, having it boiled and mashed or baked is ok in moderation. 

Potatoes are loaded with vitamins, fiber and other essential nutrients and will make you feeling full and not hungry for some hours.  Having it baked with the skin is more filling as there will be more fiber. 

Though potatoes may be considered starchy and fattening eating it in small portions will have about 150 calories. It has no fat or cholesterol, but more of nutrients and minerals. Do not fry in oil or butter and refrain from having it with cream cheese as it is bad for your health and definitely won’t go with your diet plan, unless you are planning on an early exit to the nether world! 

The sweetest of them all! – The sweet potato diet

sweet potato diet
sweet potato diet

The sweet potato is sweet by nature and tasty to eat.  The sweet potatoes are lovely orange in color.  If you are thinking of going on a short diet plan, then the sweet potato is your ticket to slimming! 

This colorful potato is high in fiber and low on the calorie counting scale!   

It has a high content of water too. This makes the sweet potato sweeter for you to eat and lose weight. That is because of the high content of dietary fiber. So, it is great for losing some of that excess fat we seem to store in our bodies! 

You can include sweet potatoes to your potato diet. Boiled, baked, grilled, steamed with no salt and a bit of grated coconut for taste is a great meal of its own for breakfast or lunch – anytime is tea time with the sweet potato!

Mind you, these potatoes include starch so remember to have it in moderation. Adding or accompanying it with another dish is a good idea.  

Having potato or sweet potatoes on a long-term basis is however not good, as it can add more pounds or lessen your weight either ways it could be good, or bad depending on your health or any diseases that you may have. 

Actually; it is the magical key to your balancing your potato diet. 

potato diet rules
potato diet rules

Potato diet rules 

  • Have potatoes only for a few days in small quantities
  • Do not include other foods. 
  • Avoid taking salt at all costs. Avoid it like the plague! 
  • Drink water 
  • You can have a cuppa – tea, coffee if you wish. 

It is thought by many that eating potatoes can help lose weight, especially the tummy.  Potatoes can ward off illness and certain diseases and boost up your energy and keep you health in check.  Potatoes digest well and are packed with potassium.  

The white or sweet potato is an added bonus and plus point to your weight loss diet plan.  It will help you to achieve your goal of keeping fit, trim and super happy. 

What to eat in a potato diet? 

There are many different varieties in the potato family white and sweet and other varieties. You can bake in an oven or grilled or open fire and enjoy outdoors. It will be like having an open air night time barbecue minus the meat of course! Having it for about a week will help to drop those pounds. Do not include any other food at this time. You may have a cuppa black tea, coffee, herbal tea without milk or sugar. 

what to eat on the potato diet
what to eat on the potato diet

Avoid doing strenuous exercises; instead remember that morning brisk walk at the light of dawn. You will be able to witness the early morning sun peek out through the rustling trees.

Do not forget to take a walk in the evenings as well with puppy or doggy you might get to witness that gorgeous sunset and puppy will love you for taking him out for his walk. That will be exercise for both you and your dog.  

Is the potato diet safe?

It depends on how it is consumed. As mentioned somewhere down this article too much of everything is bad. Like, if you think you are going to diet only on potatoes alone, then you are doomed. 

You can be sure to say good bye to your family! 

So play it safe, and by all means do  go on a potato diet, but only for a brief period. In excess will only lead to hypotension, which will lower your BP. 

Side effects of the potato diet

The down side of having too many spuds can cause your sugar levels to sky rocket and due to its potassium level can even damage your kidney. So be careful and remember every blessed thing should be taken in moderation. Avoid all fried potatoes, chips and fries – that includes me as well. Fries and chips being my favorite snacks combined with a good book to read!   

potato diet side effects
potato diet side effects

So back to the all serious stuff having too much potato can add to your weight or lose some of it. It works vice versa. It can cause cardiovascular problems which in turn can lead to other diseases, hypotension and stress. Balance your scale properly if you are going to have the potato diet

It can also raise havoc in your bowel/digestive system giving you digestive problems. Moreover; pain in stomach, diarrhea, constipation, gas, blockage etc can be known as another negative consequences. So the sweet potato works both ways in the good and bad.

Potato diet recipes 

Here is a bunch of delicious potato diet recipes for you to try out.

  • Potatoes cut in half boiled and baked and dipped with sauces.  
  • Potato boiled and cut up into cubes like lightly grated cheese can be made into a potato soup. Add a bit of salt, pepper and garlic along with some onions. Topped with some broccoli makes a good soup for lunch or dinner. 

Are you still hungry? 

If yes,

Slice a sweet potato into thin slices and bake it. You can snack on this until the next dinner gong goes for your next meal!

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