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Rosacea diet – The shocking revealation! – Way to have a healthier skin!

Diseases spread their power at our bodies silently or sometimes with symptoms. Most symptoms can be seen externally through our skin. The skin covers our skeletons, blood vessels and nerves by acting as the outer cover of the body. And it is the largest organ in our body. Rosacea is kind of skin diseases, where it directly acts the face of people. Even though there is no a permanent cure for rosacea disease, you can control its strength up to some extent. Along with the medications, dietary control should be practiced controlling rosacea. Special diet type called as rosacea diet helps to reduce rosacea symptoms.

What is Rosacea disease is?

Rosacea is a common skin disease, affected for people around 30 years or more. It is just looks like a reddishness or sun burn in the skin. This is a chronic disease directly affects the face. From the center of the face it spreads to the peripheral areas such as nose, eyes, forehead, ears, cheeks, and chin and sometimes to chest even. The symptoms of rosacea disease are mostly visible to outside. It is not connected only with redness of skin. Some symptoms associated with this disease is becoming reddish, flushing, dryness of skin, flaking, enlarging blood vessels, having pimples and bumps. There are four subtypes of rosacea disease.

rosacea and diet
rosacea and diet

Ocular rosacea is affected to eyes. Eyes become reddish and get irritations. Sometimes lids of eyes are getting swollen. Eyes get tears always, grittiness, blurred the vision is occurred usually. In Phymatous rosacea the skin gets thickens and a bumpy texture is appearing. In Papulopustular rosacea, acne like breakouts is occurring while the skin is getting swelling and reddish. Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea directly attacks to blood vessels. Blood vessels are getting reddish and flushing which is to visible blood vessels. If rosacea is untreated, a permanent redness is occurred in the center of the face, which becomes hectic to see.

Rosacea is common in people having fair skins. But, this is not limited to fair skins; any type of skins can affect by this disease. Usually, people with white skins can observe this in a short period of time after symptoms observed. The reasons for this disease can not understand yet. It can be happen due to any inactivity of skin barrier mechanism that is why the inflammation is occurred. Some scientists suggest that the causes for this disease may be due to changes in immune system and imbalance occurred in gut bacteria.

Treatments for rosacea disease

rosacea treatment diet
rosacea treatment diet

Rosacea can be controlled up to some extent by medications such as skin creams and antibiotics (such as tetracyclines and doxycycline etc). Slight or laser treatments also help to control the disease. Sometimes; your doctor will advise you to away from sun light. But, the easiest way you can follow to stop the triggering of the disease is; avoiding certain types of foods. That is because your diet practices have a large impact of this skin disease. So, the skin disease rosacea and diet go hand in hand. Because, any kind of food stuff that cause in dilation of blood vessels with speed up this skin disease with flare ups. If any flare ups are getting in a patient, the effects of the disease become permanent. So, is important to cut off any kind of food stuff that prompt this disease. There are several rosacea treatment diet plans   which help to avoid the progression of this disease to some extent. Let’s find about some rosacea diets deeply with a better understand.

Suitable diet plans for rosacea disease

In a research, 78% of rosacea patients have done some changes to their daily diet routine. Out of them, 95% have explained that they have experienced decreasing of their current symptoms. So, the rosacea cured by diet is authoritative. As I mentioned before, some scientists suspect that bad gut health increase the symptoms of the disease. In a large research conducted in Denmark has found that, rosacea patients simultaneously have gastro intestinal disorders such as sibo disease (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), irritable bowl syndrome, ulcers and celiac disease. Details and knowledge associated with rosacea diet mayo clinic provide information regarding changes in your food habits.

rosacea cured by diet
rosacea cured by diet

Foods with anti-inflammatory action

For the sake of your total health, the balance of immune system is very important. Some foods help to diminish inflammation and it balance the immune system. This indirectly helps to control rosacea too. There are plenty of anti-inflammatory food stuff which you can add to your day to day meals. They are some fruits such as berry, grapes, mango, melons and some nuts etc. And there are some vegetables with this activity such as okra, asparagus, cauliflower, green beans, leafy greens, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and zucchini etc. And there are plenty of spices and condiments not only to enhance your meals, but also to act as a medicine to treat rosacea. They are cardamom, coriander, fennel and turmeric. Foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acid help to decrease or control the inflammation. Those foods can be fish, flax seeds and ghee. You can add those foods to your unique rosacea diet plan, according to your preference.

Foods to control gut health

Some food stuffs can trigger growth of good bacteria in gastro intestinal tract, which ultimately control the rosacea. These foods are most probably prebiotics, probiotics and fiber rich foods. Prebiotic foods help to have a healthy gut and make a suitable tract for good bacteria. A few examples for prebiotic foods are onions, banana, raw leeks, raw asparagus, raw garlic, kale, lentils and whole grains. Probiotics helps to increase and enhance more good microbes to our body. Those foods are such as soy milk, soy cream cheese, low fat yoghurt, vegetable pickles, fruit pickles, beet juice, pineapple juice, grape juice, cabbages and kefir etc.

There are sibo diets with low-FODMAPS (Fermentable, Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols) helps to treat excess gut bacteria. That is because in sibo disease, bacteria begin to colonize in high amounts in a place where they do not belong to. So, the rosacea disease is going together with sibo disease. So, there is a special diet plan called sibo rosacea die. It is most probably composed with leafy vegetables, some other non-starchy vegetables, some fruits (banana, berry, guava, melon and grapes etc.), nuts and seeds, unprocessed meat, eggs, wild fish and organic fats etc.

papulopustular rosacea diet
papulopustular rosacea diet

Foods to trigger skin flare-ups

Usually meals with sugars and processed and refined foods trigger the skin inflammation, which causes skin flare-ups. And you have to avoid some food stuffs with the same activity. They are sugary foods, sugary beverages, carbonated drinks, and artificial sweeteners, white or refined flour, fried foods, processed vegetable oils, processed meat, artificial food additives and preservatives etc. And you have to avoid taking alcohol, which helps to decrease the symptoms of getting reddish and flushing. Alcohol types such as wine, champagne, vodka, gin beer and other hard alcohol should be avoided. Sometimes tea, coffee and hot cocoa trigger the flare-ups, this can be due to increment of internal body temperature. And you have to avoid spicy foods too.

Some foods contain a chemical compound called as capsaicin, which gives the hot and spicy taste. This chemical compound directly affects to skin pain receptors, which trigger the skin burning sensation. All you have to do is, cut off hot and spicy foods such as chili pepper, jalapenos, hot sauce, paprika, black pepper, or white pepper etc., mustard, cinnamon, cloves and ginger etc. Basically, cinnamaldehyde is the chemical compound found in cinnamon gives the characteristic sensory attribute of pungency. It is found in some other foods such as tomato, fruits in citrus family and chocolates. So, you have to avoid these foods too. Those foods work on skin to avoid becoming reddish and swelling, these foods can be used as ocular rosacea diets and papulopustular rosacea diets.

ocular rosacea diet
ocular rosacea diet

Alkaline diet plans

Usually our gut is acidic as it secretes acids to digest foods. But, our blood pH is around 7.3 So eating foods with higher pH, helps to neutralize the internal body pH and shifts to an alkaline state. So, there are some alkaline diet for rosacea, such as low sugary fruits, juices, vegetables, salads and mainly water. Consuming those food stuffs helps your body function to work at its best level and make your body much healthier without rosacea symptoms.

Foods that contain histamine should be avoided, because it is flushing your skin naturally. So, you have to avoid foods containing this compound such as avocado, anchovies, butter milk, chocolate, dried fruits, fermented foods, mackerels, spinach, tuna and sour cream etc. And also, you have to consider when taking medications such as niacin, drugs for blood pressure, steroids and arthritis medications trigger the imbalance of gut and immune system too.


Except having medication, all you have to do is to follow a good quality diet, without rosacea triggering foods. You have to cut off inflammatory and heat generating foods and foods that helps to trigger microbe overgrowth in gut. The rosacea diet is different from patient to patient, so you can prepare your own by avoiding bad food stuffs. This disease is directly relates to your confidence, it is because it appears on your face. So, it is your choice to control the disease, without making it worst.

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