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maggie q diet
Maggie Q Diet,

Getting fat? Just try out Maggie Q Diet and feel the difference!


What is Maggie Q diet? Maggie Q is a famous Hollywood star and actress, a model who has starred in many films and TV shows. She is also an animal activist and a strict vegetarian. Giving up on meats and going vegan has made her more energetic and feeling on top of the world. She has stated that giving up on meat eating has made her life more rewarding and active. Maggie Q was born in Hawaii. To date her is a vegan and has many diet plans that she uses to keep herself trim and healthy.  

maggie q
maggie q

Actually; she is well-built and has a fit body to take on any Hollywood movie stunt. According to her, life changed for the better after she turned to a vegan diet. Her breakfast consists of a smoothie made with spiruline, barley, milk, fruit and greens. Moreover; her lunch is usually Kale, steamed rice, and lentil stew, Dinner is a sweet potato, quinoa, and salad.  

For exercise, she practices yoga, does a few boxing shots, martial arts style workout with techniques from Krav Maga & Capoiera, and of course swimming.  

Activated You is an Organization established by her to help out people with health related issues and learn about having a healthy diet on her famous green diet recipes.  Away from film sets she is quite the cook, she cooks mainly plant-based meals to help keep her healthy, bouncy and full of energy.

What is the Maggie Q diet plan?

There are many diet plans available all over the world and is easily accessible to anyone. The best ones are having and eating a healthy portion of vegetables which is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Having fruits and vegetables provide you with the necessary nutrients and give a high energy level. Having whole grain and nuts are good for you. But, remember to choose what best suits your life style and health. 

A fruit and vegetable diet 

Vegetables can be a simple healthy salad loaded with green lettuce, beets, cucumber, mixed with lean meat/ chicken and chopped red peppers.  You can also have a blended fruit smoothie with fruits of your choice. 

fruit and vegetable diet
fruit and vegetable diet

The benefits of having something fishy! 

Fish is very good for us to eat if you want to replace your meat eating habits. Having Mr. fishy is rich in omega, and is great boiled, grilled, or cooked in a curry or lightly fried.  

Eating nuts is good for you.  Believe me it won’t make you nutty but will definitely improve your sugar levels.   Keep in mind that nuts are high in calories and mixing it with another type of food is a good idea.

Having a variety of beans are also good for you.   Mind you, you can give beans to anyone who does not like your diet plan!!!   Beans can be boiled or cooked OR mashed whatever way you like to have it, the choice is yours.

Why is Maggie Q’s diet so special?  

Actually; we have no clue as to why her diet is so special, or why people are pretty much eager over her special diet. 

We are not a dieters or food fads,  however we would like to respect her diet and may be perhaps her diet is special  because she  needs to keep super fit both in her acting career and boost up her energy to a healthy life style,  to which we raise our hat ! 

Being also a vegan helps her to end the sufferings of animals. Moreover; being a vegetarian and going vegan helps her in her work.   

Having vegetables and a full grain of red or  brown rice makes one full and no need to binge on  snacks during odd hours.

maggie q diet and exercise
maggie q diet and exercise

Maggie Q vegan diet and exercise 

Having a full vegetarian and vegan diet will keep you in tip top shape and is the key to successful healthy and energetic living.  

For those who intend to change from their meat eating habits into a vegetarian and vegan life remember this has to be done in baby steps and not in a rush. There are various ways in which one can have their vegetables. It can be cooked or boiled or curried and slightly tempered to your taste. Do not think that eating vegetables are boring and going without meat is a tragedy! In fact be happy that you are at least doing your part in trying to end the suffering of animals.   


And have a glass of wine to that which drunk in moderation is also beneficial to your heart?

Remember to throw in a few exercises along with your daily diet. So take that brisk morning walk to the bus stop and ditch the car in a nearby drain!!  

Or you could join an aerobics class and learn the Maggie Q way of intense aerobic movements. Get that toned body of Maggie Q in an intense aerobic workout. Practice doing flying punch kicks, one two kicks, sweeping kicks, switch jumps, jumping knees and a capoeira cartwheel. Shape up with yoga lessons, or have a good morning cardio workout at the gym, after which you can enjoy your smoothie.

Maggi Q daily diet 

Our daily diet should include vegetables and fresh fruits picked from your own garden would be supersonic!  And do not forget to drink lots of water, May be about 8 glasses. Do not skip your breakfast which is the most important meal in the mornings. Do not think skipping breakfast will shed a few pounds here and there.  

Have a hard boiled egg with two slices of brown bread. You could have toast with a scrambled egg add some chopped tomatoes to it or you could go in for some brown bread with peanut butter or marmite. 

Whatever takes your healthy fancy?

Boiled chickpeas or green gram is very good for breakfast.  You could also throw in a banana or make a smoothie of your choice.

maggie q vegan diet
maggie q vegan diet

Cereal with skimmed milk topped with fruits is also a good variety. Change your breakfast to suit you and not feel bored with eating the same thing daily.   Porridge or oats with fruits are ideal alternatives. You can wash it down with a cup of plain (black) tea.   

For lunch, red rice topped with tempered vegetables or pasta or couscous, vegetables and lentils,  soups,  fruits  avocado lean chicken ( not for vegans)

If you feel hungry in between meals just chew on a raw carrot like Peter rabbit! 

Will be good for your skin complexion without using all those creams and war paint make up on your face!   

Maggie Q vegan diet 

If you are considering going vegan remember to do this gradually as mentioned earlier somewhere down or up this article. Start with eating lots of vegetables and very slowly eliminating meat.  Do not try stopping this at once. Remember to climb the ladder step by step, until you reach the top which will be your goal. 

There are few people who cannot give up meat eating due to some reasons. And sometimes eliminating meat entirely from your diet is cause for concern like the deficiency of vitamin B zinc and calcium.  Do remember to consult your doctor whether going vegan is for you. 

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