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Plant based diet plan for moving towards a healthy life

If it came from a plant, eat it;

If it was made in a plant, don’t.

This is a famous quote by Michael Pollan.

This means plants are a food source for all living beings. From tip to toe plants provide foods for us. Because each and every part of a plant such as fruit, flower, leaves, stem, bark and roots provide some sort of nutrients, while acting as the energy source for us. With the modernization of living style and the environment; people tend to suffer from various kinds of diseases. Always the medication cannot heal them, if we still stick to some bad meal habits. According to dieticians there are different kinds of diet plans for different kind of diseases. Plant based diet plan is also some sort of diet plan, having plenty of benefits to human beings.

What is a plant based diet plan?

This plant based diet meal plan is a purely vegan diet plan. This diet plan is an arrangement of all meals using plant products. They can be vegetables, grains, legumes, pulses, seeds, fruits, nuts, seeds, tubes and roots. In these types of diet, there is no use of animal products such as milk, fish, meat, eggs or poultry even. This is good meal plan for those who have the attitude to minimize the consumption of animal products and prefer to move further eliminating all animal foods from their meals. That is because, at this time being vegan has become a trend as a life style and many of people love to follow it.

whole food plant based diet meal plan
whole food plant based diet meal plan

Let us find out what are the reasons for people to shift to a whole food plant based diet plan. It is always connected with the plant based diet benefits. Plant based diet emphasize completely that it includes no or minimum amount of processed foods. It mainly focuses is plants and its parts to use as food types. Thus, its limits or completely avoid animal food products. You can have a variety of diets with different types and can pay your attention according to the majority of you eat. It these types of diet plans, you can exclude artificial food additives, refined foods such as added sugars, processed oils and white flour etc.

Few more things to consider about a plant based diet…

And you can pay special attention to food quality and its nutritional value. If you are having a high concern about what are the nutrients we required and what it daily recommended value is, you can provide those requirements with whole food plant based diet meal plan. Not only that, these diet plans can use to treat diseases and prevent from diseases and nutrient deficiencies such as diabetes, high cholesterol level and vitamin deficiencies etc. Consuming nature’s gifts known as plant is not consume lot of money, while making this a pocket friendly diet.

plant based diet benefits
plant based diet benefits

Plant based diet meal plan for beginners

Some people understand the value and the effects of plant based meals, but hesitate to start it. Some even do not know where to start. But, just a little motivation is required to start a plant based diet meal plan for beginners.

It is your choice to change your eating habits and it is totally a personal decision. Even though you are a vegan, vegetarian, meat lover, it is our choice to treat your health in a good manner or not. But, you can change your health into a positive manner by practicing eating plant based products from little by little and adding shifting to complete plant based diet. At first, it will be difficult task to overcome, but once you shifted to that level; definitely you will feel the difference. You can gain some knowledge to start consuming plant products through several sources such as from dieticians, internet and health providers too. Usually it takes two weeks to make some action in to a habit.

plant based diet meal plan for beginners
plant based diet meal plan for beginners

So, it is good to start by a 2 week plant based diet plan. Then this will be come lifetime habit for you. Challenge yourself to start a 30 days plant based diet plan. Eating plants never does any wrong to you because eating plants is always a good choice. If you are shopping for you and your family to buy food items, always keep a plant based diet grocery list beside you. That is because, you might become the guidance star for your family to live happily with a good health. And you can go for a plant based diet on budget as this is not an expensive meal plan. And last but not least, following this type of diet plan, you are helping local farmers and organic cultivators to demand their products.

30 day plant based diet plan
30 day plant based diet plan

Let us find out how you can use plants based product to your plate in order to away from diseases and health threats deeply.

Sometimes you can use plant based diet meal plan for weight loss. Nowadays, obesity plays a crucial role becoming an epidemic disease. A large percentage of both adults and children are suffering from obesity. Making changes in both diet and life style you can decrease your weight in a healthy manner. As many studies have proven that using Plant based diet plan, people can lose their weight. It is because; in this type of diet plans have high fibre content, low sugar, carbohydrate and fats content to cut off gaining extra calories and consuming of from processed foods. According to a recent study, it has proven that those consumed plant based meals have lost 2 kg over an average of eighteen weeks, than those who have assigned to consume non-vegetarian diets.

Plan foods are really heart healthy products. To enjoy that benefit you have to have meals with good quality and good quantity. Studies have proven that people having plant based meals have a great survival rate from many heart diseases when compared to those who do not consume plant based products. Also; it is a common fact that junk foods and processed foods such as artificial sugar beverages, animal fat based oils and also unhealthy plant based diets such as high sugar drinks, refined flours and refined grains connect with some heart disease too.

plant based diet meal plan
plant based diet meal plan

Some researchers have found that using plant product has a high impact on reducing several kinds of cancer types. A research has found that using plan products is connected with in a low risk level of developing gastrointestinal cancer and colorectal cancer compared to non-vegetarians. And also pescatarians those who are vegetarians but eat fish have a great protection from colorectal cancers than who consume non vegetable products.


Shifting to a plant based diet meal plan, you can control the diabetes effectively and in a long lasting manner. A recent study has found that a healthy plant based meals have 34% of lowering the risk of having diabetes compared to those who eat unhealthy, non-plant based foods. It is because plant based food products improve the control of blood sugar and have several active mechanisms to control absorption of sugar to the blood circulation.


Before starting a plant based diet plan you must remove the myth, that eating plants is boring, tasteless, difficult to prepare and can not move for variations. But, once you entered to the right track you will feel by yourself that how easy it is. Then you will become a master chef by preparing various kinds of foods using varies colored plant products. Attractive color combinations of plant based food, first stimulate your eyes before feeling the taste by tongue. You can use this as a trick to move your loved once towards plant based quality food in good amounts, because this never does any negatives to their lives.